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Download AVG Internet Security 2012 Gratis Offline Installer

AVG Internet Security 2012 offline installer dapat di download dengan gratis disini. Kelebihan AVG antivirus dibandingkan free antivirus lainnya antara lain tidak memakan tesource komputer secara berlebih sehingga tidak akan memperlambat kinerja komputer dan koneksi internet anda. AVG Internet Security 2012 akan mengamankan komputer anda saat berselancar di internet maupun saat anda menggunakan koneksi internet untuk game online.

Detects and stops viruses, threats and malware
Our job is to stop viruses before they even get to your PC. We check your files before you open them, your Facebook links before you click, your email before it gets to you and your websites before you visit them.

Sedangkan perbedaan AVG Internet Security 2012 dan AVG Antivirus Free 2012 adalah AVG Internet Security 2012 memiliki fitur lebih dalam melindungi komputer yang terkoneksi dengan internet.
Download AVG Internet Security 2012 Offline Installer
Antivirus Gratis AVG Internet Security 2012 Offline Installer
Protection that actually speeds up your PC
Some security products slow down your PC; AVG Internet Security 2012 speeds it up, by accelerating the download of content-rich files. Faster system start-up and support for Flash and HD video means you can enjoy online video like YouTube faster than ever before.

Block hackers and stop identity thieves
More than just Antivirus, AVG Internet Security protects you when shopping and banking, keeping your identity safe. The AVG Firewall prevents inbound and outbound attacks, while Identity Protection secures personal content you enter online.

Award winning Anti-Virus that just works
Antivirus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. As hackers develop new techniques, AVG’s research labs are constantly processing web data to provide new defenses to keep you automatically protected.

Be informed and in control NEW
Get faster, safer Internet access when you need it most. With proactive advice from AVG, the power to boost performance and enhance protection is in your hands.

Gaming and surfing without interruptions
Get on with your surfing and gaming without interference. Scans operate when you are away from your PC, and it also knows when you are gaming and ensures that the security operates in the background only, leaving you free to play.

Keep messaging free of spam, worms and scams
Keep your inbox clear of spam and also protect it from phishing scams along with the hidden viruses that they contain. AVG will also protect you when exchanging files through popular instant messaging like MSN and Yahoo.

Surf and search the web safely
You want to search and surf, but you don’t ever want to go to any infected websites. AVG helps you out by clearly alerting you to threats and keeping you clear of them.

Download AVG Internet Security 2012 Offline Installer:
AVG Internet security 32-bit [157 MB] [offline installer]
AVG Internet security 64-bit [178 MB] [offline installer]

Untuk membuat AVG Internet Security 2012 menjadi FULL VERSION, kang topjer memiliki Keygen yang sudah di upload ke 4shared.com namun pihak 4shared mendeteksi file keygen tesebut mengandung trojan.

Download Keygen AVG Internet Security 2012


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